Important 2011 Procedure Change

In the latest installment of the Final Word, Richard Kaufman, USTA Director of Officials, answers your question on the important change in procedure for 2011 for correcting out calls to good.
Subject: 2011 Procedure Change
I understand that there has been an important change in the procedure for 2011 for correcting out calls to good.Can you confirm this?Jennifer, Orlando, FL

KAUFMAN: Yes, see 2011 Friend At Court, page 47, # 12.  The Code: Players Guide for Matches When Officials Are Not Present

Prior to 2011, if the correction was made immediately and the receiver played the ball back in the court, then a let should be played. 

However starting in 2011, the USTA Tennis Rules and Regulations Committee has determined that any call corrected from out to good is loss of point to the player or team that corrected the call, even if the ball is put back into play. (Except on first or second serve fault calls corrected that hit the net in which case the server is entitled to a first serve)

The out call on a ball that was good creates a hindrance to play and it is loss of point due to this hindrance.

We hope this does not encourage players from making erroneous calls and then not correcting them since they will now lose the point.  We have always expected players to be honest.  This will certainly end the action of players calling good balls out, correcting the call and hitting it back in play in order that they can then replay a point that they were likely to lose.  In addition it will encourage players to give their opponents the benefit of the doubt on close balls and continue playing the point.